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Skizz (and Cornelius Cardew)

In December 1982, E.T the Extraterrestrial appeared on UK screens. Within a couple of months, Jim Baikie and Alan Moore's take on the story, Skizz, appeared in the pages of 2000 AD. Since reprinted here, and various other places if you care to hunt them down.

It's a bit different to the Spielberg version. For one thing, Interpreter Zhcchz crashlands just outside Birmingham, and promptly has a bloody awful time. And that's after he persuades his ship not to blow him up along with itself, to avoid advanced technology falling into primitive hands.

(The crash episode itself has quite a few similarities to Moore's take on the death of Abin Sur, here, but so what? He isn't allowed to re-use his own ideas?)

Despite the best efforts of local teenager Roxanne O'Rourke, Skizz comes down with a severe infection and she turns to a few friends of her dads for help. They've seen the movie too.

That's Cornelius Cardew, one of my favourite supporting characters in 2000AD. He's a bit touchy. I'm not sure where he got the band-aid from, but I suspect from head-butting somebody into unconsciousness.

Cornelius has been unemployed for a while now ( this WAS Thatcher's Britain after all ) and is a bit sensitive about it...

Roxy isn't taking it too well. Neither is Skizz.

I won't spoil how they manage to break him out... let's just say it's beautiful

"Perhaps that's why they wanted him 'tied-up'"

and it didn't end there - but if you want to know what happened next you'll have to find out for yourselves (Flying bicycles and guns that turn into walkie-talkies were not involved).
Tags: graphic imagination
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