January 12th, 2020

aye aye captain

Pathfinder : The Mummy's Mask : Boss Fight

The Covenant of Wati still consists of Nemat, Inquisitor of Wadjet, who is well on his way to becoming a living monolith, Onka the half-orc spell sage who is currently piloting a big stompy Ancient Osiriani robot around, Asrian the part-djinn human Cuisinart, and Asrian’s GF the gnoll cleric Zenobia, who is trying very hard to be a good person despite the trail of exploded cultists the party is leaving in their wake (most of them deserved it). At the moment we’re working our way through an evil temple far out in the desert, originally dedicated to one Faceless Sphinx, briefly occupied by the undead Pharaoh we’ve been hunting down, and promptly reoccupied by the cultists and demonic emissaries of Areshkigal the moment the Pharaoh ran off.

We’re exhausted and somewhat mauled, having survived three boss fights in a row. The GM’s response, of course, is to throw us into two more and then four at once, so it’s entirely likely the Covenant will be short a few members soon.

The next room has a stone table and numerous bloodstained knives.

Zenobia OoC: Probably not a teppanyaki bar.

And yet another variety of undead that arises from improperly buried remains. Zenobia is cursed again, so it’s lucky Nemat has a suitable scroll handy. Especially before whatever is trying to punch through the wall gets through. One of the things is a skeletal demon, and the other is carrying a shield embossed with an image of a huge faceless sphinx.

Zenobia: Didn’t we just deal with that?
Nemat: No. We dealt with the being that was carrying the SYMBOL of that.
Zenobia: Oh dear.
GM: Zenobia, are you openly displaying the symbol of a good-aligned god?
Zenobia: Of course.
Asrian: Of course she is.

It’s the only thing that’s stopped her being shot on sight sometimes.

GM: Well I know what Heket is doing first then.
Zenobia: *fainter oh dear*
Heket: *casts Destruction on Zenobia*
Zenobia: *burns remaining Hero Points to avoid being reduced to a black silhouette on the wall*
Ghost Paladin: *intervenes with her shield* Not THIS gnoll.

Zenobia is still mostly dead. Asrian goes berserk. Her fury, Nemat’s increasing resemblance to Robocop, and Onka’s mecha suit all protect them during the subsequent melee, despite spells like Chain Lightning.

Zenobia OoC: Somebody kill that wannabe-Sheev-Palpatine.
Onka OoC: I think that corpse is talking.

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