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Pathfinder: The Mummy's Mask : Moist

Zenobia: Do the psychopomps seem annoyed about us nearly accidentally killing them in that fight?
Nemat: They don’t have faces, it’s not easy to tell.
Zenobia: They have middle fingers.

Hopefully we won’t run into these particular psychopomps when we eventually die - that could be awkward.

Nemat: You have to feel sorry for Anubis now that Pharasma is the god of death. She probably calls him ‘Noob’.
Onka: ‘Please, you’re a goddess, act like one’
Nemat: ‘Aw, does someone want a bellyrub?’

Nemat: The whole point of these boats is to do a non-linear dungeon in a linear fashion.
GM: You paid to get railroaded.

The GM describes an apparently innocuous room.

Asrian OoC: I detect a ‘but’ coming up.
GM: A big but.
Zenobia OoC: And I cannot lie.

It is, of course, set up as an elaborate trap. Which we can avoid by going through the wall. It turns out the chamber beyond is yet another memorial to somebody who tried to stage a coup against Hakotep - two brothers who only failed because they got too distracted arguing about which of them should be crowned afterwards. We’re supposed to decide who deserved it - which is obviously another trap. Of course, the entire level is a trap - most parties would have entered this crypt first, and thus faced the banshee etc a few experience levels earlier. And our precautions would have made us immune to this trap anyway.

The boats split us up, going down different tunnels.

GM: You’ve got time-
Zenobia: For a quick snog?
Asrian: Now is not the time, dear.

There’s a few statues with gems inside their fanged maws.

Zenobia: It’s like they never heard of Mage Hand.

Or, for that matter, Immovable Rods. Or maybe they did, because it’s another Phantom Trap. Although given the grinding noises elsewhere in the crypt, they appear to control SOMETHING down here. Possibly opening the door for a giant undead crocodile, or similar. But then we can use Control Water to drain the entire next section of the crypt.

Nemat: Never fight on their terms.
Onka: ‘That undead shark looks very unhappy. And we’re flying over it anyway.’

The thing that IS in here looks a bit perturbed that we removed all its advantages. We’re more shocked that Nemat doesn’t recognise whatever it is. Onka recognises it as a kind of aquatic Div.

Onka: It’s a Div - where’s Asri- oh, she’s attacking it already.

Asrian really, really does not like Divs.

Nemat: We don’t need to fight him - he’s going to suffocate.

And if he’s Bound to the room, he can’t even flee to where there IS water. In the end it doesn’t matter - Nemat Dismisses it back to its home plane before Asrian can decapitate it, or Zenobia throw a Tangleburn Bag at it.

We do the usual - sabotage the control pyramid and crash the rest of Hakotep’s flying pyramid fleet, and bug out. It's time to go after the Forgotten Pharoah, Hakotep I, himself.
Tags: graphic imagination

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