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#1538-1541 - Some Moths

#1538 - Ocystola sp.

An Oecophorid Micromoth in Mallet plantation, at edge of Wandoo woodland, out at Dryandra. These and a number of other small moths were flying around close to the ground until shortly after the sun rose over the hill.

Ocystola feeds on gum tree leaves, gluing to leaves together with silk, and folding one leaf like a tent. They pupate inside this shelter too.

As to exactly which Ocystola this is, that’s another question. It looks closest to one species that isn’t even native to Western Australia, but the markings are intermediate enough that it could be one of four, one of them as yet undescribed.

#1539 - Aeolocosma cycloxantha

A tiny but gorgeous moth that flew in my car window, after a Bioblitz in the Bungedore State Forest just east of Perth.  I don’t have any information about its biology, but if it’s anything like the majority of Australian Oecophoridae, it probably has something to do with gum leaves.

Found in WA and Victoria

#1540 - Thalamarchella sp.

Another spectacular local Concealer Moth - possibly. There seems to be an ongoing argument whether this and related moths are in the Gelichiidae, Depressariidae (Flat-bodied Moths) or the Oecophoridae (Concealer Moths). As of 2019, it would seem it’s a Depressariid, which are less common in Australia then they are in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Western Australia seems to have a number of species, found only here, but I’m not sure which one this is, and of course there’s no information on diet.

Banjup, Perth

#1541 - Euchaetis holoclera

AKA Heliocausta holoclera

An Oecophorid found in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia. The caterpillars are believed to feed on the foliage of various trees in the family MYRTACEAE, and live alone in a shelter constructed by joining leaves with silk, retaining their frass within the shelter (which doesn’t seem very hygienic, but the plant oils may drive off parasites and predators). The caterpillars pupate within their shelters.

Found on my porch, here in Perth.

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