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#1530-1534 - More from Dryandra

#1530 - Fam. Hypertrophidae

Hypertrophids are a small family of 50 named, small, Australian, moths, that feed on Eucalypts, and build a shark cage out of their own poop, as you can see here. No sign of the caterpillar, though. 

When they’re ready to pupate, they attach themselves to a surface and turn into a naked pupa, resembling a broken twig, and lacking any kind of cocoon. Unfortunately, they often attach them to leaves instead of twigs, which is a bit conspicuous. The adult moths are generally small and brown or yellow, but some Eupselia species have metallic stripes and black spots, and Thudaca species are silvery-white with yellow stripes.

Dryandra Woodlands

#1531 - Meriphus sp.

A different species of Meriphus weevil than I’m used to, but there’s a dozen or so in the genus. Adult Meriphus are pollen feeders.

Dryandra Woodlands, in the WA Wheatbelt

#1533 - Fam. Entomobryidae - Slender Springtail

A familiar of Collembola, longer and thinner than the more familiar families. There’s over 700 known species, but I don’t have much information on them.

Shaking out of a Eucalypt in the Dryandra Woodlands

#1534 - Labium sp. - Ground-nesting Bee Parasitoid

A genus of Ichneumonid wasp that target the nests of ground-nesting solitary bees, especially Leioproctus sp., nipping down the burrow while the mother is out collecting pollen and nectar. She is generally quite unhappy if she comes back to find one of these wasps halfway down the hole. In fact, if the bee emerges from the burrow and notices any of these wasps hanging around, she’ll stand guard in the entrance until they give up and leave. 

Dryandra Woodlands, WA.

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