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First, a few quotes best out of context

Hardlight: I have a arch-nemesis.
Hero Shrew: Who, your counterpart from the Evil Universe who makes you look bad by actually being good at your job?
Hardlight: No! Centurion! MY ARCH-NEMESIS…. Who doesn’t know anything about me.

Fireflash’s ongoing problems of finding a scorchproof lover

GM: Most of the energy beings are asexual, which doesn’t help Fireflash much.
Hero Shrew: Some sort of quantum superposition?
Fireflash: Well, that’d BETTER be a super position!

Anyway - the five members of Quadrant managed to beat up two kaiju before they could level too many city blocks, and before a giant mecha could turn the monster tussle into a threesome. But the pilot of that has an interesting story - he’d persuaded Humanity First to bankroll it and when an opportunity to be a superhero showed up, nicked it. This probably going to be worth chasing up later, but there’s a more urgent issue, especially for Hero Shrew and Allana. Because the Terrorsaurus that was fighting the Monstersaurus was created using the same techniques Genesys used to create the Moreaus. And the control and radar signals are coming from a sub in the bay. There’s also that giant invisible squid we encountered before, but it’s asleep, or in stasis.

Flux: None of us could figure out how to operate the giant squid so we’re leaving it for the professionals.

On the sub are five Genesys scientists, and a Chimp-Moreau that they were using as a living hard drive. With a built-in neural pruning organism that the bad guys activate when we smash our way in. Happily, Allana is a very very very good medic, and her needles could fit down the optic nerve canal, and she’s careful enough that the neural pruner won’t spread if contagious. And Flux can copy the electronic versions of the data of their computer systems. So know we know everything that Genesys have been up to for the last 15 years, and the location of the the giant abalone-sub they’ve been hiding in.

On the other hand, the Clean-up Crew would like to know what happened to about 5 kilos of Monstersaurus. It looks like it was cut out.

Hero Shrew: Well, I think I punched out some of its teeth - did you get all those?

Maybe the street cameras or the media blimps saw something - but the later would want big bucks for the footage.

Flux: Call our PR guy ‘Please negotiate for the footage - because it was awesome!’

Hero Shrew does find footage that looks like something is cutting out monster steaks, which then vanish. There’s no sign of a stealth-field fringe, or the lip of an invisible bag swallowing the samples.

Hero Shrew: … It’s not Doctor Soma is it?
GM: Oh look, it’s her!
Flux: Her Somebody-Else’s-Problem works through cameras????
GM: Yeah - but fails against anybody actually looking for her. Which is a big problem for an invisibility field.

Hero Shrew: Well, it’s probably not urgent that we find out why Dr Soma wants monster steaks.
GM: She IS an expert in abnormal physiology.
Hero Shrew: And Monstersauri are pretty abnormal.
Flux: Not that abnormal - they’re just giant T. rexes that breath fire.
Fireflash: And that’s normal in which universe?
Allana: This one, apparently.
GM: At least you stopped Genesys getting a sample to use their Moreau Process on.
All: *get cold sweats*

While Scooter was busy going over the video footage, Hardlight has been organising a meet with the pillars of the Moreau community to give them the news about Genesys.

Hero Shrew: Hopefully Genesys will assume the neural pruning virus and the rest of it worked as planned, so they won’t know we’re coming.

We meet at a Moreau restaurant - but in addition to Simon the feline lawyer, Madam Lil the otter, and Colin the Collie, there’s a Rhino most of us haven’t seen before.

Hardlight: I assume you can vouch for-
Robert: I’m right here.
Hardlight: Sorry - I’m a bit paranoid about the news I’m about to tell you.
Robert: About the ECPD taking five Genesys scientists into custody?
All: …
Robert: I have my own sources.

Robert the Rhino is not only a slumlord, but he has contacts and supply lines to other Moreau communities around the world, ensuring the manimals get all the stuff they actually need.

Robert: Did you know that most Moreaus can’t use paracetamol?
Fireflash: I didn’t know it, but I’m not surprised.
Hero Shrew: Allana knew.
Allana: I carry 20 different painkillers at all times.
Hero Shrew: And some double as human party drugs.
Allana: Anyway, we know where Genesys are hiding. Or were.
Flux: It’s mobile.
Robert: I see. Well, that explains a lot.
Hero Shrew: A giant abalone-sub. Like the snail at the end of Doctor Dolittle!
All: … what?

It’s pointed out to us that the captured scientists are going to need protection - largely because once the wider Moreau community finds out, they’re going get lynched. And there’s an unknown number of Moreaus with superpowers.

Hardlight: There’s one more thing - you know Doctor Soma?
Madam Lil, Colin the Collie, and Simon: *cringe*
Robert the Rhino: Who?
Hero Shrew: *hurriedly* never mind, clearly not important.
Colin: *sigh* Well, the cat’s out of the bag now.
Simon the Feline: *glares at Colin*

Soma is probably just collecting samples to advance her research - at least when she collects from Moreaus, she asks permission, and destroys the samples afterwards. Colin, Simon, and Lil don’t mind since they really needed a medic for the community before Allana showed up.

We contact the Edge City Police Department, to arrange us escorting the prisoners to more secure facilities out of town. There’s a Thylacine-Moreau detective in the ECPD now.

Flux: I want to ask if she has a pouch, but I’d get punched.
Hardlight: Where do you think she keeps her gun?
Hero Shrew: And now YOU are getting punched.

Allana: Can we borrow a paddy-wagon?
Sandra Polis, Thylacine: Well, we can, but I’d need to assign a pair of ECPD to go with you….. Oh, I have JUST the pair.

It’s two cops who don’t particularly like Moreaus.

Hardlight: ‘My daughter ran off with a cat’
GM: You realise that’s going to be a meme now, right?

At least the prisoner transfer goes smoothly - we had a good plan and arranged distractions with suitable people before the trip. If anybody planned to attack the convoy, they probably weren’t expecting Allana to carry the entire paddywagon and fly. So that’s one problem solved anyway - but the chimp with the eidetic memory hasn’t woken up yet, and the cryptography on the files Flux copied is so strong that he has to pour every bit of his technomancy into it to solve it. But the files promptly self-destruct the moment he does - and when he tries again the files take over OUR computer. And broadcasts our location, before we can unplug it.

Fireflash: And our computer has renamed itself E.V.1.L

GM: So, Flux, how high is your EGO score?
Hardlight: Are we about to have our team hacker mind-controlled again.?

Possibly not, but the encrypted program is ALSO doing its best to erase the data from Flux’s head. The hell??? Eventually, after various post-it notes to himself, he finds a way around the data-bomb, but there’s not much apart from sampling and navigational data on the sub’s computer. No logs. A surprising amount of records regarding faecal contamination of seawater.

Hero Shrew: They’re looking for Cthulhu’s toilet?

They seems to hunting for a particular protein marker in the contamination. Some kind of Moreau. Or, more likely, the entire Marine-Mammal Moreau community that vanished off the face of the earth shortly after the big breakout.

Allana: Doctor Boris?
Boris the Chimp: Am I Doctor Boris?
Allana: That’s what you told me.
Borist: Doctor is an unusual name.
Allana: It’s more of a title.
Borist: There’s lots of doctors here. Do I work here? No… wait… not here. Somewhere…
Allana: Does the name Genesys mean anything to you?
Borist: Yes! I worked there! We did important work!

Borist: We were looking for the thing that was on the thing that we bought. Something greasy... Oil. On the containers? In the containers? We were looking in the packaging...

Borist: You stuck a needle in my eye!
Allana: Yes, I needed to stop a bacterium in your brain.
Borist: You stopped me flinging poo at people! I like you.

Borist: We needed to find where the oil was made… the oil farm.

Allana realises this all might connect to Quadrant’s first mission as a team - recovering the database of Moreau sightings. Genesys are still looking. She should probably go warn a certain place that she doesn’t want to tell the rest of Quadrant about. Doctor Boris puts a few more memories together, and starts to realise that he probably shouldn’t be blabbing like this. Even if Allana did stop his brain from being fried.

The place that Allana doesn’t want to tell is about it is a kelp farm in Monterey Bay, run by those Marine-mammal Moreaus.

GM: If anybody finds out that they’re here they’d be in trouble - it’s a marine sanctuary.
Allana: Yeah - for Marine Mammals.
GM: Good point!

Apparently Allana is a frequent visitor.

Hero Shrew: How does she cope with the buoyancy issues?

It’s a good point - Allana’s build is rather pneumatic. And most of the marine Moreaus are naturally streamlined, although their head of security, one Cecilia (a seal-Moreau, naturally) is more curvy than usual. And, bizarrely, is apparently interested in Scooter.

Flux: That’ll stop the moment she finds out how he smells when wet.

One of the Moreaus in the bay is a giant turtle.

GM: If he ever goes to Loch Ness then he’s guaranteed a job playing the monster.
Player: Isn’t Nessie already a thing in this universe?
GM: Good point. Then he’s guaranteed a mate.

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