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So, basically, a Mysterious Old One-Eyed Chinese Gentleman wants us to track down some dangerous amateurs for him, and in return he'll help us get the tablet we need to contain a deadly undead sheriff.

Hero Shrew: So we're looking for some yuppies who put the cocaine away for a while and took up sorcery. They found a little mystic shit and wanted to turn it into a whole lot of mystic shit. Somebody hasn't been reading their 'Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds', or they'd recognize a bubble when they saw one looming.

So now we have to figure out who it actually is. Perhaps they've been boasting on FaceBook about using mystic shit to make large amounts of money?

GM: OK, first problem - 'Make Money Fast Using Ancient Mojo"
Hero Shrew: Yeah, I know. And even if you do a geographical limit on the search - this is Southern California.

Hero Shrew: What's the street food like in San Francisco?
Fireflash: Great, apparently.
GM: Plus, you're in Chinatown.
Hero Shrew: Great! I'm going on a curb crawl. I'm going to try everything!
GM: What's your income again?
Hero Shrew: OK, fine *sadface*
GM: 'Opens wallet, moths'
Flux: Wait, moths? 'Grab, eat'.
Hardlight: Oh, fine. *hands Hero Shrew the credit card*
GM: The black one?
Fireflash: Well, I'm not going back to Edge City in the same vehicle as Hero Shrew after he's been on a protein binge.
Flux: Point. I think I'll travel by wire.

GM: You do have Streetwise, Scooter - this IS in your skill set.
Hero Shrew: OK, OK, I'll ask all the street vendors if they've seen any yuppies doing magic.
GM: ....
Hero Shrew: Don't I get to do the tourist stuff sometimes?
GM: You're a superhero - this IS the tourist stuff.

Hero Shrew comes back with a range of novelty T-shirts, a couple of hats, and armfulls of shopping bags.

Hardlight: I gave you that credit card for lunch.
Flux: Well, he bought lunch.
Hero Shrew: Yeah. And all this stuff.
Hardlight: *sigh* well, I hope you got a T-shirt for me.
Hero Shrew: Sure - 'Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss'
Hardlight: *sigh*
Hero Shrew: I got one for you, too, Flux (OOC - Who's a popular Mystic figure in the Champions Universe?).
GM: Hmm - it occurs to me that most of the magical heroes in Champions are female. Good representation.
Hero Shrew: It's the mystic power of the uterus.

Flux: Well, if it's low-order magic they're using then they must be transferring the money or luck from somebody else to them.
Hero Shrew: I'm sure the business reports will have noticed a company that went inexplicably bankrupt 'What happened? This was a healthy company last week!'
Hardlight: So basically... we're looking for a White-collar Coven.
GM: By George I think he's got it.

Fireflash's accountancy schooling might actually come in handy here.

Fireflash: Well, there's one company that keeps going up on the stock market - LowellTech.
Hardlight: Oh, ha ha. Very funny.
GM: You realise that everybody calls it LOLtech by mistake?
Flux: It probably trades as LOL.
GM: That's what it shows on the scroll at the market as - LOL, up 5 points.

GM: Actually, you nearly go past the company think it's a food ad that got in there by mistake. LoCarb Property Development. Real Estate is one of the Top Ten growth industries in the Bay area - the shit I have to research for you guys. They specialize in low-impact developments.

Hardlight: OK, we sneak in and see if they're up to anything.
Flux: So, do any of us have stealth skills?
Hero Shrew: Well, I could get the door open, but I wouldn't call it stealthy.
Hardlight: I wouldn't show up on the cameras, and neither would you Flux.
Flux: And what about security guards? Or guard dogs.
Hero Shrew: Assuming its actually a dog...
GM: Yeah, but when it grows two extra heads and breaths fire you'll know you've found the right place.
Flux: These days guard dog. Might mean a German Shepard with an Uzi.
Hardlight: True. But are their many canine Moreaus in the security business?
GM: Some, but not all are suited for the job.
Fireflash: 'Hi, I'm half Pug and half British Bulldog. I'M DOOMED.'

Flux: so how do we find the Magic Shop afterwards anyway? Walk into a Starbucks and the MOOECG is there saying 'Latte?'
GM: 'Surprisingly there is little call for mystic artifacts in today's economy - I needed a second job'.

Hardlight: OK, so Flux and I are going in.
Hero Shrew: And when the screaming starts we come in and rescue you.

The LoCarb buildings are low-profile, and built into the landscape - LoCarb does stand for Low Carbon, after all.

Flux: I'm half-tempted to knock on a door and ask if Bilbo is home.
Hardlight: Well, first we have to get in there.
GM: It's a gated estate after all, one of their first developments.
Flux: We could just fly in.
Hardlight: Oh yeah, we can fly. I was thinking in Shadowrun mode again.
GM: *cracks up*

Hardlight: Try not to tear up any trees.
Hero Shrew: But, but, what if I need a battering ram to get into the building?
Hardlight: OK, don't tear up any trees until you need to rescue us.

Hardlight's Infra-red senses don't show much - probably because of the building's energy efficiency. And Wide-spectrum Radar shows a single computer in the entire building, and lots of lap-top ports, for the same reason.

Hardlight: Is there a tunnel to Undersconsin?
GM: You're nowhere near Wisconsin, why would there be a tunnel to Undersconsin?
Hardlight: Scooter, we need you to dig a tunnel.
Hero Shrew OOC: We're never letting you forget that.
GM: Why would I want to? I'm actually statting Undersconsin up. For one thing, something will finally happen in Wisconsin. This is a state that decided its claim to fame was cheese.
Hero Shrew: Lots of German immigrants in Wisconsin, aren't there?
Flux: We aren't going to find Hitler in Undersconsin, are we?
GM: A lot of German immigrants in EIGHTEEN FIFTY

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