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#1085-1101 - More Fish

#1085 - Parapercis haackei - Wavy Grubfish

AKA Wavy Weever . Another photo and ID by @gemfyre - Small, common sandperchs found from the central coast of Western Australia to eastern South Australia. I don’t have any info on diet, or behavior, although I suspect the two in this photo were either courting or having a territorial battle. Woodman Point, Perth

#1086 - Parma occidentalis - Western Scalyfin


Scalyfins are large, often colourful Perciformes, usually found in deeper water - this one was off the end of the Woodman Point groyne. They pair up during the breed season, and the males guard the eggs.
The Pomacentridae includes the famous anemonefishes, like Nemo :)
Photo and ID by @gemfyre

#1087 - Scorpis geogiana - Banded Sweep

A species in the Kyphosidae or the Scorpididae, depended who you listen to.  A juvenile, that @gemfyre found and photographed deep among the rocks of the North Coogee seawall. The Banded Sweep is a mid-water feeder, not very active, and eats zooplankton and algae. Found in shallow subtidal reefs from Coral Bay WA, around to Kangaroo Island , SA, then jumping the Tasman to New Zealand.

#1088 -  Sillaginodes punctatus - King George Whiting

AKA Australian Whiting, Black Whiting, KG, KGW, Pussies, South Australian Whiting, Spotted Sillago , and Spotted Whiting . Largest and tastiest of the smelt-whitings. Photo and ID by @gemfyre .
The King George whiting is the only member of the genus Sillaginodes, growing to a length of over 70 cm, and almost 5 kg in weight. The species is easily distinguished from other Australian whitings by its pattern of spots, and highly elongate shape. They were first scientifically described by Cuvier as Sillago punctata,  from a specimen collected in King George Sound in here in Western Australia, but they’re found across the entire coast from Jurien Bay in WA to Botany Bay in NSW. They live in bays and protected waterways, over sand and seagrass beds, and out onto deep continental shelf reefs during adulthood. They eat a variety of crustaceans, polychaete worms, molluscs and smaller fish.  The King George whiting is one of southern Australia’s most valuable commercial fisheries, reportedly worth over five million Australian dollars a year. Also heavily targeted by recreational anglers, who value the whiting for its sporting and eating qualities. Extensive investigations of the species for aquaculture have been less than promising - the long larval cycle is a major barrier, and a parasite previously unknown in the species affects them badly in captivity.
Point Peron, Perth

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The team continue to investigate the break-in at the InfoComp datafarm, and hopefully hunt down the Six Teens and get a bit of retribution in. The party includes Hardlight, the Anthropomorphic Personification of Foot In Mouth Disease; and Hero Shrew, an unholy mix of a Womble and the Hulk.

An idea of some of the gangs in Edge City - the motorcycle gang that expects initiates to rob top-floor stores in the malls, without getting off their bikes.

GM: Picture a bunch of mad motorcycle nuts who saw The Blues Brothers and said "Pussies".

Hero Shrew's boss at the Collar Club, the strip joint he bounces for - Colin The Collie. Colin struggles to keep the business legal and above-board.

Hero Shrew OoC: "I'm 18 in dog years!"

But the existence of Moreaus does raise many legal questions.

Hero Shrew OoC: Legal questions like 'Is it statutory rape if you're a ferret?'
Hardlight: Oh, come on!
Hero Shrew OoC: No, seriously - if ferret jills don't mate on their first heat, they die of anemia and internal bleeding.
Hardlight: Jesus.
GM: Yeah, lots of unique problems like that - hence questions like 'Is it statutory rape if you're a ferret?'

Hero Shrew: I don't get it - why they'd all wail on Hardlight when he yelled 'Armour Piercing Bitch Slap'? Plenty of bitches in my apartment block. And then there my landlady - she's a cow.
Flux: ... The Moreau world is weird.

The cops arrive, two of them in the Edge City PD power armour.

GM: Most of the gangers call them Spambots.
Flux: ?
GM: Tinned ham.

Flux and Hardlight leave in a hurry, embarrassed by our pathetic first efforts and anxious to avoid the press. Since we made no contingency plans in case this happened, Fireflash goes to talk to the cops.

Hero Shrew: Well, I've been told repeatedly that running away attracts police attention. So I'm wandering over for a look.
Flux: * facepalm*
Hardlight: I KNEW I should have made some communicators.
GM: I hate running the Avengers origin plot - so I'm going to enjoy punishing you for every way you fuck up.

GM: The cops generally shoot first if you're Walking Whilst Moreau.
Hero Shrew OoC: 'Driving Whilst Furry'

GM: Fortunately they don't recognise you as the Anthropomorphic Wrecking Ball.

Hero Shrew: If I'd run they definitely would have shot me.
GM: Which would have just pissed you off.
Hero Shrew: Yeah. It's what happens AFTER that gets all the complaints. And having to call in cherry-pickers to get cops down off the towers.

Fireflash: I was here with that new guy. Headlight, or something?
Cop: Headlight? Really? Headline, maybe?
Fireflash: Hardlight, that's it. (I still haven't unblocked him on Facebook, by the way)

The cops are sceptical that it was the Six Teens - up until tonight they only targeted places like The Gap, or Starbucks if they wanted coffee.

Cop: And what happened next?
Hero Shrew: Headlight called one of them a bitch and she punched him unconscious.
Cop: Which one?
Hero Shrew: * gesturing* You know, the one with the knockers.
GM: She's only a B-cup at best.
Hero Shrew OoC: Big for a shrew.

Cop: Where can I find you if I have more questions?
Hero Shrew: Well, if it's night shift I'll be on the door at the Collar Club.
Cop: ... I'll be sending a rookie then.
Hero Shrew: Huh? We get cops coming in all the time!
GM: .... You are so lucky the news crew didn't have their cameras set up yet.

GM: One of the mysteries about the Moreaus is the question of what Genesys was up to? What were all the Moreaus FOR?
Hero Shrew: Live-action Zootopia?

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DnD : Burn, Baby, Burn

Every magician PC and NPC compare ideas on turning the Shadowgate into a magically formidable barrier against any more undead coming through. Using Stone Shape to create a sealed door between the gate and the outside world is a good start.

Kavorog: You could build a city in a month with this spell!
Lamech: Sure. But then the Mason's Guild would have you assassinated.

Will also make plans to have the dead Dragonborn we found resurrected. It's a good political move, especially if we want to seal an alliance between Faerûn and the Dawn World on the far side of the Shadowrealm.

Kavorog: The Elemental Apocalypse can wait a week.

The party splits up, which always works. Urlon heads off to a sacred grove to check if the resurrection will actually work, and the rest of us go drop in a Helvenglade Manor to see if they have any useful adventuring gear they want to sell.

Kavorog's new acquisition, the Bullywug Kemrit, is bound to be a problem. He has a very high Charisma for a Bullywug, and high ranks in Deceive.

Lamech: And Kavorog wanted him in the party * sigh* 'I can't help who I love'!
GM: At least he isn't a bard - I spared you that.
Lamech: * sings* 'It ain't easy, being Evil'.
Kavorog: I didn't choose him just because frogs are hot!
GM: Is it the big mouth?
Kavorog: No!
Lamech: It's the long tongue.

GM: Had to take a Shiba Inu for a walk and exercise the other day. But the only toy she likes is a length of rope. So I've got a Japanese bitch who likes rope play.

GM: You know the woods are called the Cryptgardens because all all the ancient tombs among the trees.
Lamech: Crips? Are there many Bloods?

The steward at Helvenglade is polite enough, but asks us to wait unlikely Lord Gorstag returns and can approve lending out magical heirlooms.

Lamech: Gorstag? I smell plot hook.
Steward: I'll make you comfortable in the guest lodge. Please keep your servants to yourself.
Lamech: And that's not ominous at all.

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The Thousand Sons

First conversion for my planned Thousand Sons Legion - One of the character models from the Hours Heresy Calth box, with a weapon, head and hand swap.

The khopesh-style polearm works really well for Thousand Sons, and I may sculpt a scarab onto one of his cape fastening pins. So thanks to Chris Slade at KRAGS for the Tomb Kings pieces - they work so well for Thousand Sons I’ll certainly be using more :)



The Black Crusade game had to fold, because I'm too stressed and overworked to concentrate as a GM. So we're playing boardgames and cardgames - this week it was Smash Up, where the players each choose a themed deck - Zombies, or Dinosaurs, say - and battle it out for control of locations such as R'lyeh or The Cave of Shinies. Innsmouth Pirates was quite a powerful combo. So was Alien Wizards, and Mad Science Robots.

But last session it was Flash Point, a co-operative boardgame where the players are fire fighters striving to get a fire under control, and evacuate victims before the whole building goes up. Rather fun, and quite tense, given how rapidly a small fire could explode into an inferno. The single-story residential boards were hard enough - we took one look at the chemical factory and multi-storey apartment boards and whimpered.

Generalist Drhoz: Why are there so many women hiding under one bed?
Paramedic Tigris: And why are you wearing a clown costume?
Generalist Drhoz: Ah - that explains it. The menfolk are all enjoying their poker game and the cheap cigars that keep reigniting, and their wives all retired to the bedroom >:D

Generalist Drhoz: What kind of moron keeps large quantities of hazardous materials in their bedroom?
Fire Chief Weldun: Fucking college students.

Fire Chief Weldun: Well, now we know those points of interest are actually people, and we have to save them.
Generalist Drhoz: * shrug* They're only college students.

Generalist Drhoz: So I got somebody out then?
Fire Chief Weldun: Nah - I took them off your shoulder. I'm a prick of a Fire Chief that way - the news crews always see ME carrying people out of the burning building

Return to Edge City : Recruiting The Team

Edge City's newest superheroes, getting together a wildly optimistic plan to deal with the conurbation's many problems.

Flux: Techneurge/Cybermage
Hardlight: Industrialist, Philanthropist, Secret superhero.
Hero Shrew: Anthropomorphic Anger Ball "Shake vigorously, point towards enemy"
Fireflash: Flying Energy Projector, who made an unfortunate first public appearance when she escaped from the illegal medical experiments that created her powers. "One of the reporters decided they needed to work 'flash' into her name somehow."

Hero Shrew OoC: I'm detecting a theme here - Flux, Hardlight, Fireflash.... And then there's Hero Shrew.

GM: One of my previous characters would have conference calls during superhero fights. 'So Gerry, what I think we need to do in the third quarter is - just a minute - I TOLD YOU TO STAY DOWN - anyway, the third quarter.'

Hardlight's player: You guys are going to hate me but it will be fun later - I took 'Weirdness Magnet'.
Flux's player: I can see it now. 'And who do we blame for all this? This guy.'

GM: Hardlight is barely harder to hit than the hex he's standing in. He mostly relies on hitting things at range - but he's crap at that too.

Hardlight attempts to recruit a team.

GM: So how do you know each other?
Hardlight OoC: I hired them?
Fireflash OoC: At my age?
Hero Shrew OoC: Intern then.
Fireflash OoC: Probably not - I had a bad experience with my last internship.
GM: That's how she got her powers.

Hero Shrew OoC: You needed a team for a particular job? 'Now who do I know in Edge City? There's that one who was on the news the other day - the one with the perky nipples'
Flux's player: 'I like her.' 'She's under age.' 'Er, I don't LIKE like her, I like her spunk..... Bad choice of words.' That would be an interesting Disad.
GM: Uncontrollable Double Entendre.

Sounds like the notorious Smut Field. How would you stat THAT out in Hero?

On top of all the corporate and supergang shenanigans, there's Edge City's large population of engineered animals, many of whom have there own superhuman abilities. Never has the term 'rats with capes' been more appropriate.

GM: Hero Shrew works as a bouncer at a titty bar in the Zoo.
Hero Shrew: And I always need money because of all the criminal damage cases.
GM: All kind of girls at the bar - squirrel girls, gazelle girls
Hero Shrew: Cat girls.
GM: The Zoo is paradise for furries.
Flux's player: Am I playing Black Crusade again by mistake?
Hero Shrew: For the really adventurous there's hyena girls.

GM: There's a photo and note next to the door. "This bouncer can clean lift 25 tonnes" And the photo is Hero Shrew smiling.
Fireflash's player: Which with shrews is SCARY.

GM: Hardlight's civilian ID is Gareth Lowell, a philanthropist millionaire who actually hires Moreaus. And you've never heard of him.
Hero Shrew: *shrug* Outside my usual social circles.
Hardlight OoC: You wondered why I was being followed by paparazzi.
Flux OoC: Who photographed you going into a titty bar.
GM: A FURRY titty bar. Currently trending #LowellTitFur.

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RIP Tiggy

1998?-2016. I'm going to miss the cantankerous little *****

Black Crusade : The Four of Mandatio

En route to the dripping ruins of Sacgrave, party psyker Skerrit comes back from whatever has been keeping him busy.

Skerrit's player: Hey, Eniek - Feel free to modify my character sheet - since you've been experimenting on me in my sleep.
Digna: I've been experimenting on you in your sleep too.

Digna doses him with that nanotech drug Jrska gave her, to see what happens.

Skerrit: Am I going to to have to rename myself Lab Rat?
Digna: Sure - it's what I've been using you as.

He goes into convulsions as metallic pimples sprout from his flesh and unfold into USB ports and the like, and some 30% of his brain is converted into mechanics. This is good for his intelligence, but bad for his willpower, and more so because it's highly addictive.

Digna: Well, that's a pity, because I don't have any more.

Which is a lie, since she has at least seven more doses, after the three she injected into Skerrit. Skerrit rushes off to the bridge and demands the ship go wherever he can get more of The Stuff - despite not knowing what the stuff is or where Digna got it. He eventually gets talked down and sent to the medical officer.

GM: You, I presume?
Digna: No, Eniek - Unlike certain other people, I can share my toys.

Eniek: You seem to be having some problems.
Skerrit: Problems? Problems? I don't have any problems! I FEEL GREAT!!!!

Digna also sets down to craft that daemon weapon she wanted, out of the blood of a thousand men.

Daniels: Dedicating it to Khorne?
Digna: Nah, Slaneesh. Think about it - I took the blood from a thousand men and threw the rest away.
GM: That is pretty Excessive.

GM: Congratulations - you have a Daemonette in the summoning circle. Who is currently doing things to hirself.
Digna: Rightio then - in you get. *grabs and stuffs hir into the sword*

Eniek: And now for the Binding ritual.
GM: Well, it's a Slaneesh daemon - they enjoy bondage.

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Return to Edge City

The Pathfinder campaign has collapsed, since Heather's player pulled out, and took Flint and Ewen's players with them. Awkward, since Heather had become the linchpin of the game, and Ewen's player was co-GMing and helping the GM learn the system. Still, it's not all bad - Weldun was feeling like GMing again, and wants a return to Champions, and his Edge City setting. Ten years further into its economic decline (although more Detroit than the town of Flint) and even more troubled by gangs of minor superhumans than it was before.

Salazar's player: I'm reminded that one of Satan's titles is 'Lord of All Buggery' - and that there's the phrase 'Get Thee Behind Me, Satan'.

Weldun has been spending the last few years making NPCs whenever one occurs to him. Such as the six teenage villains who are alarmingly genre- and media-savvy.

Weldun: There's the Iron Claw -
Zigg's Player: *snrk*
Weldun: You did not just.... Congratulations, you just got a blast to the face from the Iron Claw. You do NOT snicker at his name.
Zigg's Player: Duly Noted.

Me: So what do they do people who post shipping charts of them?
Weldun: Correct them. They're already in three established relationships.
Me: That's never stopped a shipper.
Weldun: Yes. They correct them. Sometimes they track them down to their homes and 'correct' them in person.

Previous GM: I need to be home by midnight.
Zigg's Player: Or he turns into a pumpkin.

I'll be playing a Moreau - a genetically engineered escapee from a research facility in Edge City, and now part of the ghetto of other Moreaus on the shores of Monterey Bay. To whit, an anthropomorphic Hero Shrew - an actual animal, with a ridiculously robust spine. Spines are a highly conserved anatomical feature, so when an otherwise ordinary shrew has a spine like the one at right...

In fact, it was only in 2013 that anybody came up with a reason why Hero Shrews and Thor's Hero Shrew even need such excessive natural engineering - it's to turn them into living prybars. Like all shrews, he's a bubbling ball of incandescent RAGE.

Previous GM: "What's his name?" "The Shrew." "He turns into an aggressively Assertive woman?" No, he's literally a giant rodent."
Me: Insectivore, thank you very much
Zigg's Player: Sexist
Previous GM: Aaand that goes right to the quotes

D&D : Batrachian

Off to find that gate to the Shadow Realm, and put some police tape across it. Kavorog looks forward to the combat.

Kavorog: It slices! It dices! It juliennes zombies!

Lamech: I’m going to assume that only creatures with actual intelligence can be turned into Shadows, and that the swamps aren’t swarming with swarms of Shadow-insects? That would be… bad.
GM: At least the main threat in the swamps will already have been killed by the Shadows – the loathsome tribes of – well, there are no UN-loathsome tribes of Bullywugs.

GM: You can see something sneaking through the bushes.
Lamech: Not Shadows then – they’d be drifting right through the bushes. WE CAN SEE YOU, YOU KNOW.
GM: *facepalm*

It’s bullywugs, waving a spiderweb flag of truce. They’re desperate for help. Of course, we already know that Bullywygs are totally untrustworthy, that they aren't aligned to any deities of this plane, and are probably just waiting to stage the sudden and inevitable betrayal.... but we did kinda think that we could ally to stop the plague of Shadows. We soon learn that they actually want us to deal with the swamp's other monsters, while they dig up the tribe's treasures and hop it.

Lamech: You know, I think I met a cousin of yours. In a little seaside town called Innsmouth.

The bullywugs lead us to an island occupied by a Shambling Mound of animated plants, fungi and compost, and an undead troll.

Lamech: I have no idea what a Shambling Mound is. Still *rolls up sleeves* a few lightning bolts will solve the problem, right?

GM: This is hideous – your genuine Charisma 3 specimen.

Lamech, who had been riding on Kavorog’s shoulder so he didn’t have to wade through swamp deeper than him, promptly falls off.

GM: You’re eye-deep in rancid swampwater.
Lamech: That’s not necessarily a bad thing – unless I get stepped on.

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