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Pathfinder : CSI:Magnimar

On the various things that can affect Fame and Prestige, such as fleeing minor encounters, murdering the innocent, and associating with people of ill-repute.

Harshal: In other words, whatever you do, do it in private.
Ys: Or get a good lawyer, and kill all the witnesses.
Tannis: Just as well we have our own lawyer.
Harshal:*smiles smugly*

Ys doesn't recognise the family that wrote that magical workbook.

Harshal: 'I don't associate with Elven wizards, they're too snooty. And I'm an elf'

As it happens there is no real need to track down the book's owners - since it used to be in the hands of Gillert's teacher, Marcellano Emarre. So Gillert can easily hold on to it, with suitable self-justification.

Harshal: 'I deserve it more than that douchebag'
Gillert: As long as it's a duplicate I have no qualms about keeping it.
Ys and Harshal: Why would you have qua-
Harshal: Ah, of course - Good Alignment.

Zin: I'm staying with Ys.
Ys: You might want to reconsider - I live above a fishmonger.
GM: And the only free space in the apartment has manacles. And bloodstains.
Zin: Okaaaay - I'm moving in with the kobolds.

One interesting NPC in Magnimar - one Sala No-name, a Shoanti sorceress living in self-imposed exile in one of the Alabaster District's public parks. This is a point of contention with the city's Shoanti, despite how useful she's made herself to the nobility as a information broker.

Gillert: She's not squatting, she's just hanging about for a while.
Harshal: She's having a very long picnic.

Harshal: You'll have to bring those kobolds up to speed on how Magnimar actually works. After all, they haven't seen much of it - except from underneath.

Sala No-name also associates with Iria, the vivisectionist. Associates so closely that one euphemism for her relationship is 'shadow'. Zin does make a slightly disquieting discovery - a well-oiled scorpion-tail whip among Iria's possessions.

Zin: ... I'll give her the benefit of the doubt - maybe she saves it for her 'meetings' with Sala.

In fact the two are so close that Iria is upset when Sala is 'helping the Guard with their enquiries' - apparently some wizard in the Alabaster District was found dead. In at least five different places. Although the authorities only assume he's dead because they haven't found all the bits yet. If we help out there won't be any money in the job - all of Iria's spare money goes into looking after those kobolds.

Zin: I was thinking we could get the team together help them out?
Ys: Well, we could. Are you going to give me a reason why we should?
Harshal: Take the long view - it's one more step towards getting those kobolds as loyal minions.
GM: Why is Harshal even there?
Ys: Because I'm experimenting with my alchemical set-up, and if somebody is going is going to poisoned the lawyer is the most expendable?

Actually, getting Iria onside will help Ys with her own alchemical research.

Tannis: Evening, Ys. How are you?
Ys: I'm fine, but Zin has a problem.
Harshal OoC: Yes, he's a Kobold.

Tannis: At least we keep Iria looking after those kobolds - I have plans for them.

Gillert: I'm a little unenthusiastic about going near anything that kills wizards, but OK. Lead the way, little person.
Zin: We need your reasonable magical prowess.
Gillert: I can still drop-kick you into the river, you know.

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Star Wars : F Troop

Since the D&D game collapsed from lack of players, we found a new one and are playing Star Wars. Star Wars was probably the first RPG I got to play in. I played a thermal detonator Sales-gibbon, who lasted less than a session. But then I was gaming with Team Demolition. After what they did to the poor gibbon, and several subsequent characters, it's amazing I kept roleplaying at all. Still, in memory of that long deceased character, I'm playing the next best thing, another highly sociable, tech-orientated, arboreal species. It's not an Ewok.

Aramis: How do you even get Ewoks off Endor?
Paul: That's easy - trébuchet.

Aramis: I'm the plausible deniability guy.
GM: Good name for a ship, too.

The F Troop - a bunch of ne'er-do-wells out to make a dishonest buck, in the era after the first Peace Moon was blown up by terrorists.

Aramis: Are we playing in the actual continuity, or the Darth and Droids version?
Drhoz: The version where an interstellar dictatorship controls all the media, and can call it a Peace Moon if they want to.
Aramis: Point taken.

The characters

Forvuk Zahj - Dressellian brute
Fakybe - Chandra-fan smuggler and diplomancer
Fendri Nekut - Bothan pilot

From left to right - some weirdo, a Dressellian, a Chandra-fan. And a Bothan

Fendri: Do we get a scrolling text intro?

GM: If you can't afford the A Team or an X-wing, there's always F Troop.

Fakybe: I get most of my Imperial war tech from that stormtrooper BLK-0.

GM: Old Ben Kenobi described Mos Eisley as a wretched hive, but that's because he never went to Formos.

The F Troop and their ship have been hired to transport a Wookiee and a medical droid from some place called Tatooine to Formos. Formos is a haven for smugglers, but there are disquieting rumours that this will change. But for the time being BOSS is still in change, and the live music is great.

GM: You didn't see any Star Destroyers or Tie Fighters on the way in. There is a small Imperial presence on the surface though.
Forvuk: And that is a moon?
GM: ... Yes.
Forvuk: It pays to check, these days.

We head to the Formos cantina to hand off the passengers, and make note of all the smuggling shenanigans, screeching aliens, and heavily burdened water carriers advertising The Cheapest Water On Formos.

Fakybe: I'll go talk to the old lady selling water.
GM: She'll be happy to talk to you.
Fakybe: Of course she will, she's an old lady, she'll talk my ears off.
Forvuk: Do you have Disengage?

Old Woman: What brings you to Formos?
Fakybe: Tourism.
Old Woman: ... Oh?
Fakybe: Yes, those tourists we're transporting wanted the scenic route.

The old lady is a survivor of Alderaan, which interests Forvuk since his family got wiped out in the atrocity at Dralk. Fakybe is sure they'll have a lot to talk about.

Forvuk gets pickpocketed by a street urchin, who legs it with a stimpak.

Fakybe: Just shoot his leg off, he's got two.

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News on the Moreau front - one has actually had to move to L.A. For an actual job! Albeit in the new live-action Chester O'Star, about a spacefaring bunny ranger. It helps that the Screen Actor's Guild already accepts animal members.

Hero Shrew OoC: If I was actually intelligent enough to actually come up with conspiracy theories, I'd say my live action Zootopia idea is looking more and more plausible.
GM: That they're hiring might actually be a good sign. More likely it just means a few years of Hollywood making Moreau-ploitation flicks.

Oh, and Tyrell has released a line of humanoid domestic robots.

Hardlight: How humanoid?
GM: Not very.
Hardlight: So, C-3PO, then.
Hero Shrew: So, are they Freemium model, or come with lots of Downloadable Content?

Flux: If one crosses my path I'll fiddle with it.
Hero Shrew OoC: There's laws against that. Or will be.

Hardlight: Given our luck we're meet one that's sentient and wants to sing show tunes.

GM: Most of Tyrell's research budget went into LIMITING their AI.
Flux: ... That's a very scary sentence.
Hero Shrew OoC: It's a superhero Mileau - AI is a crapshoot. Just ask Hank Pym.
GM: That is a low blow.

Flux: I think Hank Pym was a little unstable.
All: A LITTLE???

Flux: My days are spent programming, my nights are spent kicking supervillain ass. I have very little free time.

The robots are supposedly perfectly safe - they're not very strong and they're not very fast.

Hero Shrew: But we've all seen zombie movies.
GM: ... True.

GM: And the Internet is already saying 'By the time I've finished typing this somebody will have released a porn kit for them'.

And in gangland news, our hit on Dysprosium Dawn has lead to several nighttime altercations between the mad scientists and other gangs. There have been a number of stabbings, and a number of Boosters have ended up in hospital too but that's only to be expected given the hierarchy of gangs in Ditko - the cyborgs and mad scientists have a mutual protection pact. So, who is actually doing the stabbing?

Hero Shrew: Well, you've got the cyber-Margery-power-thingies, Flux. We go to where the security cameras are and you chat them up.
Flux: How are am I going to get there?
Hero Shrew: Be environmentally aware - ride a bike.
Flux: I don't have a bike.
Hero Shrew: Steal one.

He ends up getting a cab.

Flux: This is mildly embarrassing for a superhero.
Hero Shrew: That's OK, you're mildly embarrassing.

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Refurbishing the Machinist's old lair under South Pinnacle, and various major public works.

Hero Shrew OoC: At least THIS place isn't infested with giant man-eating spiders.

And the base comes with its own 150 year old clockwork owl.

Flux: Who keeps that thing wound up?
Hardlight: Who? Whoo-whoo.

Hero Shrew: Can we have a Danger Room? We take turns sitting on top of a ladder with a bucket of water balloons.

The Dysprosium Dawn gangers admit that the drugs the cyborg gang were using were produced by the DD leadership - the leadership that escaped in their invisible car.

The Machinist's files include his encounter with something he called the Iron Devil, which was some kind of automaton.

Fireflash: Let me guess - his version of Ultron?
GM: Yes - except he didn't invent it.

Hardlight: Nancy, hold all my calls - I have one hell of a data-entry job ahead of me.
GM: Well, you do have years of notes to transcribe.
Fireflash: Hey, I'm helping!
Hero Shrew: I'm not.

Hardlight: Oh great, he had clockwork sex-meks.
GM: Actually, it's part organic. It used to be a woman.
Hardlight: .... Well, foot in mouth already.
GM: At least you're staying in character.

Hardlight: Flux can set up his lab over there - the Feng Shui is good there.
Fireflash: Feng Shui? Is that some Chinese superhero I should know about?
Hero Shrew OoC: I'm willing to bet they're a Californian super.
GM: That IS more likely XD

We also discover what happened to him - increasingly disillusioned with the US, he applied one of his discoveries about anti-gravity.

GM: 'IMA GOIN TA MARS!' Or beyond.

GM: Your mother will have things to say if you spend too much time with two grown men and... Hero Shrew works at a titty bar, OK?

Opinions are mixed about the association between human and Moreau super beings. For one thing the underage Fireflash can't go into The Collar Club if they need Hero Shrew. But then Hero Shrew is his own problem.

Edge City Racists: Great, the humans can keep him on a leash.
GM: He is pretty notorious for doing property damage - but admittedly he hasn't been doing as much of that lately.
Hero Shrew: Well, I'm working two jobs now - I don't have the time.

Fireflash: Time for exams.
GM: Oh look, A++ on everything. Again.
Fireflash: Why did I get an A- on this one?
GM: Snoring in class.

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Pathfinder : Craptastic

(Small note - Harshal's Harrow card should actually be the Twin, which makes much more sense than the Bear.)

In this episode, the party learn more than they ever wanted to know about Magnimar's sewerage disposal systems, rescue a bunch of kobold slaves who go on to invent communism, and enable graverobbing from Fantasy-Native-Americans (awkward!!!!).

GM: I give a Hero Point to the Chronicler, and whoever keeps track of the party treasure.
Harshal: Which is currently two hundred pounds of garlic.

In fact, the garlic is more valuable than the job we were originally hired for - substantially more so.

GM: Which explains why there was always a guy out the back of the spice merchant's shop. You can guarantee he'll be investing in a better lock.

GM: And that set of printers dies was only the basics.
Harshal player: Didn't even include the cliches.
Gillert: Ha.
Harshal's player: I'm serious - it's where the word cliche came from. Preset blocks of frequently used words and phrases, 'clicked' into place.
Gillert's player: I love gaming at this table - you always learn something. History, criminology...
Zin's player: Entomology.
GM: AND etymology.

Erstwhile noble Tannis Orbereck has been hearing stories about the Silent Circle turning up around Magnimar - deeply creepy individuals with suspicious synchronisation and blank silver masks. Typically for the Circle, nobody knows what they're doing in Magnimar, or why they're here. Also, the Nightscales - the Magnimar thieves guild - are pissed off that somebody bypassed their smuggling operation.

GM: They've been asking questions, but haven't got very far.
Harshal: *looks innocent* I hope they make an example of somebody.

And one of the Gargoyles - a brutal Underbridge gang - got mauled in an alleyway. Despite his bodyguard being just outside the alley. In hopefully unrelated news, Tannis gets an invitation from his cousin Emalliandra Orbereck, inviting him - and Harshal! - around for tea.

GM: Knowing your cousin, you might want to take your own chair.

She is very diligent into her research into Azlanti heritage and artefacts, so you'd think she'd be quite respected in the Orbereck clan. But she doesn't actually like her family much, and keeps to herself in her bookshelf-choked rooms in the Docklands. Harshal shares her interest in Azlanti and Thassalonian artefacts, which may explain why he's been asked to attend. Tannis shows up deliberately late.

Tannis: My family may deserve respect, but they are not masters of me.

Emalliandra: Who is it?
Tannis: Your cousin.
Emalliandra: Is it teatime already?
Harshal: *sigh* I anticipated this - I brought a hamper.

Emalliandra: Look at you, cousin! You've been busy!
Harshal: 'And look, you've actually grown a beard!'

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Edge City : In The Zone

Flux's player: As enjoyable as this conversation is I'm more concerned by the fact the GM has been rolling dice for the last five minutes.
GM: Yeah, I have to roll for all your Hunteds, Rivals,
Hero Shrew's player: Unluck.
GM: Yeah. I which case there's tonight's plot right there.
Flux's player: And it's all self-inflicted.

GM: Hold off on buying a base - I'm going to give you one.
Fireflash's player: ... Why am I suddenly nervous.
GM: It's a base with potential.
All: Oh god.

Registration of superhumans is not enforced, mostly because nobody wants to try and legally define human and superhuman.

Hero Shrew OoC: After all, if they have to register everybody with sonic weapon powers, do they have to sign up every Pistol Shrimp?
Fireflash: And most cetaceans. Then you have chemical attacks.
Redneck: Aw gawd, it's terrorists!
Moreau: I skunked you, asshole.

This week looks like it will be set in The Zone, an area of Edge City under constant low-level gang warfare, where most of the gangs have low-level superpowers. One gang territory, that controlled by Humanity First, backs onto Edge City's nicer neighbourhoods.

Hero Shrew: Gee, I wonder where THEY get their money from.

Flux has noticed that some of the gangs - the Voodoo Crew and the Spinnerettes - are being quite active in part of The Zone. But all the cameras in that area have mysteriously stopped working, which makes his cyber-magery difficult. Are the Boosters up to something? Or are the Voodoo Crew and the Spinnerettes up to something in Booster territory?

Hardlight: Hey Scooter, can you get off for an hour?
GM: He works at a titty bar/brothel, I'm sure he can get off for an hour. Unless you meant get off work for an hour?
Hardlight: *headdesk*
Flux: Seriously, invent a foot shield for your mouth.

Scooter finishes shaking a troublemaker unconscious, and dumps him headfirst into a dumpster.

Bennie the Bouncer: Not headfirst, Scooter - they can suffocate that way.

Hardlight: ... I really don't want to piss off Fireflash by calling her on a school night.

GM: How do you get from The Zoo to The Zone?
Hero Shrew: Walk up between Chinatown and Victoria to the freeway.
GM: Good idea - they don't like Moreaus in Chinatown.
Hero Shrew: Except when they're using us in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Flux: Do Moreaus count as livestock on Californian Freeways?
GM: Nah - the Highway Authority avoided the whole problem by counting them as wildlife.

Hardlight: We need to find a Spinnerette and ask them what's going on.
GM: That's easy - look for a hot chick in red.
Hero Shrew: Any bets on what will happen if Hardlight tries to talk to a Spinneret? Anybody?

The Spinnerets are reinforcing the border to stop the trouble in the Booster territory spilling out.

Spinneret: They're having a top-down reshuffle.
Fireflash: A coup-d'état?
GM: Not really, they're...
Hero Shrew OoC: They can't even spell 'French'.

Apparently the Booster's infighting is down to a philosophical disagreement over exactly how one gets augmented. Which given how willing the Boosters are to let anybody implant they with experimental military tech, etc, is a bit laughable. So why haven't the local cops, PRIMUS, or the military locked them up?

Hero Shrew OoC: They're a minor threat and they're containing themselves.
GM: They're mostly a threat to each other.

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Pathfinder : Streets of Magnimar

GM: Yes, I would punch a cripple.

The only context I'm giving you -

Me: He might be a cripple, but he IS an arsehole.

The new Pathfinder campaign is set in Magnimar, a Freeport with a sizeable population of escaped slaves, built around the ruins of a gigantic ocean-spanning bridge. Archeology in Magnimar is strongly discouraged ever since they discovered the bridge was infested with giant man-eating spiders. The party are all various flavours of rogue.

Zin: Kobold trapsmith, escaped slave. Harrow Card - The Locksmith.
Tannis Orbereck: Ethnically Azlanti, human rake, fledgling noble sent out to see if he can do the family proud before can actually inherit the position. Harrow Card - The Tyrant.
Gillert: Varisian, human, eldritch scoundrel. Writer. Harrow Card - The Wanderer.
Ys Danar: Elven cutthroat, former pirate. Harrow Card - Demon's Lantern
Harshal High-seeker: Shoanti investigator and barrister. Harrow Card - The Bear.

Gillert OoC: 'The Wanderer' card has come up four times in a deck of 52. This is mildly disconcerting.

GM: So nobody took basic rogue - you ALL took archetypes. And how many of you have Good alignments?
Gillert: *holds up hand*
All: *pause*
Gillert OoC: Somebody has to be the killjoy.

Harshal OoC: I don't have many of the 'traditional' rogue skills, but if you need legal counsel or a ironclad contract, I'm your man. And if I need anybody stabbed or houses robbed, I've got the rest of you.

The GM mocks the choice of Kobold as PC.

GM: So human, human, Azlanti, and kick-toy. I'm sorry, I thought you want to avoid being the butt monkey of the campaign this time?

GM: Eldritch scoundrels are generally failed wizards. They couldn't keep up with the training because they kept wanting to go out and fun. It's like the difference between Dedicated Martial Artist and Worldly Martial Artist. Dedicated Martial Artists get two schools or a unique. Worldly Martial Artists get one school -
Me: And get laid from time to time.

GM: Somehow I avoided all the 'Let It Go' covers until I saw the movie six months after release.
Me: You never heard Jrska's take on it.
GM: And that is a good thing.
Me: True. Although she DID put her own twist on some of the lyrics.
GM: Maybe, but in her case 'Conceal, don't feel' is good advice.

Zin OoC: I'm not sure what God I should follow.
GM: Be polytheistic.
Harshal: Just burn a candle for whatever God you think pulled your arse out of your fire this time.

Harshal OoC: Gillert keeps autocorrecting to Gillette on this.
GM: *sings* Gillette - the best, a man can geeeettttttttt.
Gillert: *headdesk*

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As usual, a shark attack over here leads to hysterical baying from the West Australian newspaper that all the sharks should be culled. Such as today's photoshop front page, of a shark fin behind a couple of wallowing kids.

Seriously, did a shark kick the editor's puppy when he was a kid, or something? Or does he just like to pretend he's J. Jonah Jameson and his nemesis is Spidershark?

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